Cooking didn’t happen to me very early.

As a daughter of a fabulous cook, I was served almost everything on a platter before even I could ask for it. The love and interest for food was ingrained at a very early age due to the various types of cuisine that my Mom made at home.

It was during my days away from home, to pursue my education, that I seriously started cooking. From instant noodles (no prizes for guessing that), I slowly graduated to cooking different types of fishes, fried rice etc

Getting married to a foodie made it more interesting. He was always ready to be the guinea pig for all my experiments (mind you, some were unpalatable) and hence begun my culinary journey.

I am an intuition cook, not someone who follows recipes or for that matter measures to the T ( my Mother’s genes kicks in I guess). Most of my dishes has something which is Me added to it. I look up the net, watch tons of TV shows, try to talk to people who share their passion for cooking, for inspiration and tips, however my food and my presentation has to be ME.

This blog was in my TO DO LIST for long. However, its really hard for me to write down recipes.This blog is not so much for others as it’s for me, a go to site for what I call the Magic Recipes from my kitchen. It would be great if I can connect with others through this journey.

Bon Appétit!